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Jack black guitar

The Marlinaires are a fantastic musical trio who prove that "the family who sings together clings together." With a repertoire including pop, country, rock, R&B and the classics--The Marlinaires can do it all!

Chris red
Michelle Guitar

Jack Marlin will dazzle you with his showmanship, displaying unparalleled skills on the guitar, fiddle and banjo. Jack's daughter, lead vocalist Michelle will amaze you as she covers any genre with power, confidence and an energetic style all her own. Michelle’s brother, Chris blends in perfectly on rhythm guitar and vocals. Together this versatile family creates tight harmony blends that only come from years of singing together.

You will appreciate their level of professionalism and expertise resulting from over 60 years combined experience in the music industry.

Whatever your entertainment needs, The Marlinaires will fit the bill. Guaranteed.